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We are the capital region's most affordable provider of short-term van hire in shopping centres. Think of us as your best option when you need flexible and budget-friendly car rental.



1+1 = 3h
2+2 = 6h

Start your booking on weekdays
between 8-12 and
get an even better deal!

We want to make your move easier and more affordable.

That's why we offer our customers a great opportunity:
book a van for two hours starting between 8 am and 12 pm on a weekday, and you'll get one extra hour completely free.

For example, you can book a departure at 11 am and drive until 2 pm for the price of 2 hours.

So, 1 + 1 = 3 hours of available time for the van!

But that's not all, because you can also double the benefit:
2 + 2 = 6 hours!

When you book the van for four hours (only for reservations starting between 08:00 and 09:00), you can drive six hours.

NOTE! Not valid on the first or last weekday of the month.




Here you can easily find the information you need for a smooth journey!
What is the availability of rental cars in PakuKympillä?
PakuKympillä has a wide range of rental cars available in the capital region. We recommend booking well in advance to ensure the availability of the vehicle you require.
What types of cars can I rent from PakuKympillä?
We offer a range of vans and passenger cars to suit different needs. Our range includes small and compact vans as well as more spacious options. You can choose the size of the car to suit your needs.
What documents do I need to rent a van?
You will need a valid driving licence to rent a van from PakuKympillä. You do not need a credit card to rent a van.
Is insurance included in the rental?
No separate deposit is charged for van rental. Insurance is included in the price, the excess is 1750 € and with an extra payment of 20 € the excess is 450 €.
How much can I drive when I rent a van from PakuKympillä?
We offer free kilometres for rentals. You can drive the number of kilometres you need without extra costs. Fuel is not included in the price, so please remember to fill up the car and keep a receipt for 14 days for the completed fill-up.
Can I add a second driver when I rent a van?
Yes, with PakuKympillä you can add a second driver for free. This allows and facilitates sharing and helps to share the driving responsibility.
Are windscreen and tyre insurance included in the rent?
Yes, PakuKympillä van rental includes windscreen and tyre insurance at no extra charge. This allows you to drive with peace of mind and enjoy your trip.
Does PakuKympillä offer moving boxes for rent?
Yes, at PakuKympillä you can rent moving boxes for your needs. The price is 10 cents per day per box.
How far can I drive a van?
Our service area covers a radius of about 150 kilometres from Helsinki, including Turku, Tampere, Kouvola and Kotka.
Do you have any extra fees in the rental?
Yes, the weekend and monthly change supplement is 15€ per rental. This surcharge applies to rentals that take place on weekends or at the turn of the month.
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